Roads Hotel

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Spend some time with friends & family at any of our special events

August 18th Public Investigation

Hosted by Aldo Gonzalez to benefit the Lost Limbs Foundation

September 15th Public Investigation

Watch for more celebrity events coming soon

Public Investigations

Are you looking for an interesting location with a lot of activity to investigate?  Join us at  Roads where you will be able to investigate the building that use to be anything from a Hotel to a Brothel to a Speakeasy.  Your night will be an interesting evening in this 100+ year old structure that will not only be a fun time but you will also have the opportunity to spend the night as well.  You can purchase the regular 7pm-2am ticket or be the brave one and spend the night until 10am as a VIP.  Pick your room, bring your bedding, and investigate or sleep it's your choice. 

Check the calendar for the next public investigation where you can spend an evening with us at Hotel Roads.

Upcoming Events

150 East Main Street, Atlanta, IN

Former Events 4/2015